Survey Programming / Hosting

Survey Programming and Hosting by Consumerfieldwork

We warmly welcome if our customers program and host the questionnaires themselves using a system of their choice. However, upon request, Consumerfieldwork GmbH will take care of programming and survey hosting of your online study.

The procedure:

  • You provide us a text file containing your questionnaire (e.g. Word)
  • We fine tune the questionnaire in consultation with you and then take care of the programming
  • The programmed questionnaire is hosted on the Consumerfieldwork GmbH server
  • We send e-mail invitations and reminders (with surveys involving our research panel)
  • Once the required number of cases has been reached, we close the field and stop the survey
  • After that we provide you with the data in EXCEL or SPSS (automatically labeled) format

The sample can also be provided by you (e.g. clients, staff or visitors to your website). Once the survey has been completed we will supply you with the gathered data. The Prices page provides further non-binding information on our pricing structure.

Panel management

Our system architecture includes a completely integrated panel management system for recruitment and management of consumer panels, a participant administration system for issuing invitations and an integrated module for sending personalised invitation e-mails and targeted reminders. A centralised administration system offers complete control of respondent selection to prevent over-research or under entertainment in order to maximise study response. The integrated Respondent Knowledge-Base™ allows known demographic variables and configuration data to be added to records without requiring these to be re-requested.

Data delivery

We can supply your data in Excel, Access and all other standard data formats used in market research. In particular, we support data export in SPSS format, in which questions and answer categories are extracted from the questionnaire and variables and values are automatically assigned to “labels”.

An online reporting system allows survey access and responses to be checked by generating automated standard reports with total figures and exported to other programs (e.g. PowerPoint, Word, Excel).

Features of our questionnaires

We use Microsoft Server 2008 as a web and application server and Microsoft SQL Server as a database server. The SQL server based system allows high throughput and professional questionnaire features.

Our system is not administered by a web hosting service, but is administered in house, so that we have direct access to the web and database server hardware and software.

We meet the highest professional quality standards for online questionnaires. The numerous features we support include:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Recording of all attempts to access / hits (important for calculating return rates)
  • Exclusion of repeat form filling (e.g. panel based, through login function on respondent lists or optional cookie setting at the end of the questionnaire)
  • Recording of IP addresses, where necessary through retrospective data cleansing)
  • Flexible layout
  • Integration of multimedia elements
  • Use of CSS styles (layout / style can be changed for the complete survey)
  • Import function for survey text
  • Answer categories and lists (Word, Excel)
  • Standard texts for anonymity and data protection
  • Flexible questionnaire design
  • Ability to edit and modify the questionnaire script
  • Different question types (simple / multiple choice, semantic differential, matrix question, selection of an open category “Other”, text question)
  • Randomisation of possible answers (with one or more fixed alternatives)
  • Correct representation of scales
  • Status display (with correct use of filters)
  • Ranking
  • Numerical question
  • Constant sum scale
  • Online conjoint
  • Randomisation at the line or column level
  • Adaptive filtering (any iterations / branching)
  • Conditions based on previous answers or master data for registered participants
  • Subsequent reference to individual answers
  • Plausibility checks (Has an entry been selected? Has text or a number been entered? Is the number entered within the defined range?)
  • Combined plausibility checks across several questions / questionnaires
  • Optional compulsory fields (respondent can skip questions or optionally be required to enter a response)
  • Freely editable error messages with definition of various error types
  • Optional password protection
  • Optional SSL encryption
  • Ability to recommence aborted interviews
  • Support for multi-lingual interviews
  • Import external parameters (URL / database)
  • Utilisation of selected alternatives in subsequent questions
  • Utilisation of previous answers in subsequent questions
  • Data cleansing for filtering
  • Optional “Back” button
  • Disabling back function in questionnaires
  • Scripts for pop-up surveys for the n-th visit or n-th visitor
  • Quota module for controlling sample composition


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